class mesmerize.plotting.SpaceMapWidget[source]

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QMainWindow, mesmerize.plotting.widgets.base.BasePlotWidget

sample_df = None

sub-dataframe of the current sample

update_plot(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Must be implemented in subclass

get_plot_opts(drop: bool = False) → dict[source]

Must be implemented in subclass

set_plot_opts(*args, **kwds)

Must be implemented in subclass

open_plot(ptrn_path: str, proj_path: str) → Optional[Tuple[str, str]]

Open a plot saved by the save_plot() method

  • ptrn_path – Path to the HDF5 Transmission file. By convention file extension is “.ptrn”
  • proj_path – Project path of the associated plot data.
open_plot_dialog(filepath, dirpath, *args, **kwargs)

Open plot dialog


Save the plot as a Transmission in an HDF5 file. Plot parameters are stored as a JSON string within the HDF5 file. See Transmission.to_hdf5

Parameters:path – Path to save the file to. For easy identification use “.ptrn” extension.
save_plot_dialog(path, *args)

Plot save dialog


The input transmission

Return type:Transmission