Datapoint Tracer

User guide

class mesmerize.plotting.DatapointTracerWidget[source]
set_widget(datapoint_uuid: uuid.UUID, data_column_curve: str, row: pandas.core.series.Series, proj_path: str, history_trace: Optional[list] = None, peak_ix: Optional[int] = None, tstart: Optional[int] = None, tend: Optional[int] = None, roi_color: Union[str, float, int, tuple, None] = 'ff0000')[source]

Set the widget from the datapoint.

  • datapoint_uuid – appropriate UUID for the datapoint (such as uuid_curve or _pfeature_uuid)
  • data_column_curve – data column containing an array to plot
  • row – DataFrame row that corresponds to the datapoint
  • proj_path – root dir of the project the datapoint comes from, used for finding max & std projections
  • history_trace – history trace of the datablock the datapoint comes from
  • peak_ix – Deprecated
  • tstart – lower bounds for drawing LinearRegionItem
  • tend – upper bounds for drawing LinearRegionItem
  • roi_color – color for drawing the spatial bounds of the ROI
set_image(projection: str)[source]

Set either the max or std projection image

Parameters:projection – one of either ‘max’ or ‘std’

Open the parent Sample of the current datapoint.